Studio Services

Using the Studio:

The studio is available during open hours for hands-on-clay creating. Your purchase clay and pay a firing fee, based on size, for creations you glaze and fire. Wheels are available to use when wheel classes are not scheduled (see calendar). Trimming and kick wheels are always available.

A new way to practice throwing:

$6 per person, per visit to practice your throwing skills. If you must keep a practice piece, it is $4 per inch, longest side, for firings and glazing.

Clay and Firings:

We stock low and high fire clay bodies for purchase. Pricing for clay ranges from $14 to $27 for 25lbs. Many clay bodies can be ordered.


We support a variety of firings and accept pieces outside the studio. Low fires twice a week. Cone 5 and RAKU every week and cone 10 reduction fires usually twice per month. Special firings can be scheduled.

Description:                            Firing Fee:

Bisque & Glaze Fires             $2 Per inch

Bisque Fire only                     $1 Per inch

Refires                                       $.50 Per inch

Rent the Kiln                           $30 sm Electric

Rent the Kiln                           $55 Lg Electric

Rent the Kiln                           $250 Gas Kiln

Type of Kiln



Sorry, like painting pottery, clay and/or thrown pieces that remain inactive for 60days will be disposed of at our discretion.

Other ways to use the studio:

Clay Play:

Purchase clay that includes all use of studio, firings, glazes,  ect. This is a great economic way for you, your family and friends to have fun with clay for many visits.

$25 inch-off-the-brick (about 1lb+)



Dirty hands Friday:

Get dirty and learn clay basics and how to use our clay studio from the teachers from 6pm to 8pm every Friday night. Includes clay, firings and glazes.

$15 per person. Please make reservations.



Open studio membership:

If you are more than a casual clay artist, a studio membership is the most economical and allows you to purchase all inclusive (clay, glaze firings) studio time.  You purchase an annual studio membership, then select a monthly or by the bag service. Members have studio privileges 9am to 9pm daily and receive 5% off all workshops and classes.


Individual Annual Studio membership: $50



Monthly open studio: Includes 50lb of clay, glazes, firings and storage cubby. Members requesting different clay will pay the price difference. Additional clay can be purchased in that month at retail pricing: $150



Clay open studio: $99

Includes 25lbs of either low fire or high fire clay, glazes, and firings for everything you create with that clay




Annual studio membership $75

Family memberships can only participate in clay open studio above.

Please contact us through our contact page, should you wish to enquire further and would like assistance with a transaction/booking.