Updates on Studio Happenings 2018!!

I have not posted in awhile but wanted to send a catchup to anyone reading these!  Desert Dragon is heating up for our summer season, doing more raku firings and basking in the afterglow of some beautiful woodfire results.

We have dates for our summer camp sessions and will be posting more details and information on signing up  very soon!    I would be interested in knowing if there is any interest in us offering a music camp alongside our pottery camp here as music is a big common interest we share!

We have welcomed several new members to the studio lately, always a joy and a privilege to have new energy and passion to feed off of and share with.

Please call or email if you are interested in signing up for classes, you can pay when you arrive and rescheduling is always aok!  We love what we do, and sharing it with you all, come on by and take part in the fun!

Customer Reviews : Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Glazing Class

Many thanks to Ryan, Chris and Eric for their video testimonial regarding our Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Glazing class that took place on Saturday. We have two more Game of Thrones classes coming up on September 30 2017 and October 1st 2017. If you would like to learn how to sculpt clay dragon eggs, or learn about illustrating dragons with professional coaching from a DC Comics artist (Dave Beaty) then please sign up here.

Wheel: Mini taste of pottery

So many people say they always wanted to try the pottery wheel. Now you can get… ‘A mini taste of pottery’. You start your taste with a hands-on pottery wheel lesson.  This is a practice session and that clay is recycled.  Alongside your wheel experience you will also get a ‘taste of glaze’ selecting a pot to decorate and glaze.  The pot you glaze becomes yours to keep.  Based on firing schedules, your pot will be ready to pick up in 1 or 2 weeks. Class fee $25 per person.  Please be aware these classes are very popular and do book out sometimes several months ahead!!  Plan on scheduling your class out a ways.

  1. Email 2 selected dates and times and how many registering.
  2. We will email confirmation of your registration
  • Wednesday at 5.30pm
  • Thursday at 7.30pm
  • Saturday at 10am
  • Reservations Required

When you come to class:

  1. Arrive on time for class with your voucher (you will have to reschedule if you are more than 10 minutes late).
  2. You will make a pot during class. Wear play clothes, ties for long hair and put jewelry away
  3. After class you will select 1 pre bisqued pots to decorate with glaze.
  4. Return to pickup your pots after glaze firing.

Questions? Reach us through our contact page and we will get back to you.


Wheel: Beginning Pottery Wheel Class

Your beginning pottery wheel class will be a thorough introduction to the basics of working on the pottery wheel. Your pottery will be instructed, with  hands on experience and includes clay, firings, and glazing your pottery. You will make 1 to 3 pots in class. Your bisqued pottery will be ready to decorate with glaze 3 weeks from class. Wear your play clothes, bring ties for long hair, and put jewelry away safely. This class is for ages 13 years and older and is limited to 10 students per class. All our beginning classes are for 13 years and up. If you have children under 13, we invite them and you to take the kids wheel class.

Scroll down for information about kids wheel class or private lessons.

ALL CLASSES REQUIRE A RESERVATION by email or phone, we will confirm your space(s).

Class Times:

Wednesday 9.30 to 10.30am

Wednesday 7pm to 8pm

Thursday 6pm to 7pm

Saturday 11am to Noon

Saturday 2pm to 3pm



6 classes: $195 without tool kit

6 classes $205 includes pottery tool kit

Single class $39

Private instruction $60 an hour

Type of classes


Classes do not have to be taken consecutively. You register for dates and times that work for you. We recommend when purchasing a 6 class package, once a week is optimum. It always make a difference when you practice between classes. Click here to learn more about using the studio outside of class.


Kids Wheel Class: for kids 6 to 12 years of age. Adults are invited to register for this class with their kids in this age group. The class description and tuition are same as the beginning pottery wheel class above.


Wednesday 4 to 5pm

Saturday 12.30 to 1.30pm

  1. Check the calendar to see when the classes are available
  2. Email 2 selected dates and times and how many registering
  3. We will email confirmation of your registration

To register, please contact us using the contact form.

When you come to class:

  1. Arrive 5 minutes before class (You will have to reschedule if you are more than 5 minutes late)
  2. You will make 2 to 3 pots during class… wear play clothes, ties for long hair and put jewelry away
  3. Return after 3 weeks to glaze/paint/decorate your pots. No appointment necessary.
  4. Return to pickup your pots after glaze firing.

Sorry we discard pots after 60 days if you don’t return.



Day of the Dead Art Class – Mexican Folk Art on Pottery

We are hosting a Day of the Dead Art Class –  a cultural celebration of life and death. Learn how to draw traditional Mexican folk art on pottery, led by American-Mexican artist Jason Gonzalez on Sunday October 29th 1pm at Desert Dragon Pottery.

All materials and supplies included.

Suitable for all ages.

This is a 2 hour art class. The art teacher will teach you some basic fundamentals about Mexican folk art and how to transfer this onto greenware pottery. Take home a plate, mug or two coasters bearing your art work. We will fire the pieces of pottery in the kiln and your pieces of art work will be ready for collection a week later.

Event Address: Desert Dragon Pottery. 25037 N. 17th Ave. Phoenix AZ 85085 USA

If you have any questions please call  480 787 6729 Event organized by www.filmethnographer.com

This is a one-off class for Day of the Dead fans. Book your class today. Limited spaces in class available. Book now to secure your place in class.


Keepsakes for your lifetime. There are many ways and methods to capturing that moment in time and clay. We help you create these kinds of keepsakes for all ages from 5 days old and up. And don’t forget the non human family members. You can create your keepsake from clay or make handprints with glaze on pre-made bisque pieces like plates, bowls, cups etc. This service is charged based on the bisque object you select. For example, a bowl is $16, dinner plate is $19, mugs/cups $15-$18 plus tax.

Clay made keepsakes handprints will require 2 visits to the studio. The first to create. It will take up to 3 weeks to dry thoroughly and then bisque fired. Then you come back and apply glaze and have the final firing.


8″x11″ clay keepsake $20

Each additional clay keepsake (made same time) $17

If you are planning to bring in a group of people to do this project… it is best to call or email ahead to make sure we are ready to assist you and don’t have another event happening at the same time. Think of it like having a family portrait done, you would make an appointment. Also we will give you ideas for your keepsake, but arriving with a picture is always helpful.

Clay slabs (which is what we call these plaques) need to be gently covered and allowed to dry slowly to avoid warping and or cracking. Clay slab is a form that tends to crack in the firing processes. We don’t say that to frighten you away, 9/10 have no issues. You should always anticipate this could happen and allow yourself time to make another, especially if this is a gift.

Reach out to us using our contact page.


Clay: Clay College with Douglas A. Herbert, BFA

Take your basic hand building skills past Dirty Hands Friday and attend clay college:

The 1st and 3rd Tuesday each month, 6-9pm

Impressions, cylinders with alterations and experimentation, enclosed pinch and coil construction, soft slab construction, slab rollers, impressions, cylinders with alterations and experimentation, enclosed containers and newspaper techniques, extruding clay, hard slab construction, clay bodies, paper clay, marbleizing, creating patterns, coloring, sgriffito, burnishing and glazing techniques…and more. No project is repeated within a year. All instruction, materials, tools and firings are included.


Tuition $59 per class

$200 4 class package