Day of the Dead Art Class – Mexican Folk Art on Pottery

We are hosting a Day of the Dead Art Class –  a cultural celebration of life and death. Learn how to draw traditional Mexican folk art on pottery, led by American-Mexican artist Jason Gonzalez on Sunday October 29th 1pm at Desert Dragon Pottery.

All materials and supplies included.

Suitable for all ages.

This is a 2 hour art class. The art teacher will teach you some basic fundamentals about Mexican folk art and how to transfer this onto greenware pottery. Take home a plate, mug or two coasters bearing your art work. We will fire the pieces of pottery in the kiln and your pieces of art work will be ready for collection a week later.

Event Address: Desert Dragon Pottery. 25037 N. 17th Ave. Phoenix AZ 85085 USA

If you have any questions please call  480 787 6729 Event organized by

This is a one-off class for Day of the Dead fans. Book your class today. Limited spaces in class available. Book now to secure your place in class.


Keepsakes for your lifetime. There are many ways and methods to capturing that moment in time and clay. We help you create these kinds of keepsakes for all ages from 5 days old and up. And don’t forget the non human family members. You can create your keepsake from clay or make handprints with glaze on pre-made bisque pieces like plates, bowls, cups etc. This service is charged based on the bisque object you select. For example, a bowl is $16, dinner plate is $19, mugs/cups $15-$18 plus tax.

Clay made keepsakes handprints will require 2 visits to the studio. The first to create. It will take up to 3 weeks to dry thoroughly and then bisque fired. Then you come back and apply glaze and have the final firing.


8″x11″ clay keepsake $20

Each additional clay keepsake (made same time) $17

If you are planning to bring in a group of people to do this project… it is best to call or email ahead to make sure we are ready to assist you and don’t have another event happening at the same time. Think of it like having a family portrait done, you would make an appointment. Also we will give you ideas for your keepsake, but arriving with a picture is always helpful.

Clay slabs (which is what we call these plaques) need to be gently covered and allowed to dry slowly to avoid warping and or cracking. Clay slab is a form that tends to crack in the firing processes. We don’t say that to frighten you away, 9/10 have no issues. You should always anticipate this could happen and allow yourself time to make another, especially if this is a gift.

Reach out to us using our contact page.


Clay: Clay College with Douglas A. Herbert, BFA

Take your basic hand building skills past Dirty Hands Friday and attend clay college:

The 1st and 3rd Tuesday each month, 6-9pm

Impressions, cylinders with alterations and experimentation, enclosed pinch and coil construction, soft slab construction, slab rollers, impressions, cylinders with alterations and experimentation, enclosed containers and newspaper techniques, extruding clay, hard slab construction, clay bodies, paper clay, marbleizing, creating patterns, coloring, sgriffito, burnishing and glazing techniques…and more. No project is repeated within a year. All instruction, materials, tools and firings are included.


Tuition $59 per class

$200 4 class package


Clay: Dirty hands Fridays

Every Friday 6 to 8pm

Reservations are required!  Please email or call with your preferred date.

Class fee: Single: $15

Get your hands dirty next Friday night with our instructors. Dirty hand Friday is for beginners wanting to learn basic hand-building clay techniques (this is not a pottery wheel class) and become familiar with using the studio. Basic clay instruction, clay tools, firings and glazing are included. Your clay creations will take 2 to 3 weeks to dry and be fired. You then come back anytime during normal business hours to glaze pieces and have fired again. Please ask about advanced technique classes.

Reach out to us through our Contact Page.

Little girl modelling clay toy

Parties and Events


We know how to ‘throw’ a party. Small or large we have the party project’s for people of all ages and abilities. Our instructors are degreed accomplished clay artists with a passion for ceramics. All instruction, materials, and services are included in each project. We have lots of ideas for all occasions and are most willing to accommodate your own creativity and design.

You’re welcome to bring your cake, ice cream and beverage for your party. Adults are welcome to bring their libation of choice. We have a refrigerator and freezer for cold storage.  Norterra is just down the road with plenty of food venues.

Ceramic glazing parties:

Desert Dragon Pottery has a wide variety of bisque items at reasonable prices to select from at your party. There is a large selection of items in the $10 (animal figurines) to $15 (boxes and bowls) range. Given 3 weeks lead-time, we can usually accommodate a particular item request. All glazing and firing fees are included in the purchase price of the bisque items. There are no sitting fees or additional costs. Parties receive 10% discount on purchases or a Party Plate. Typically glazing parties are planned for 2 hours including painting, cake, and opening presents. After party items are fired, they are packaged in individual named gift bags ready for you to pickup and easily deliver. Items will be fired and ready no later than 4 days from the day of your party.

Receive 10% discount on group bookings with 4 or more people.

Wheel parties are for everyone

Wheel parties are a great way to introduce the pottery wheel and get dirty on purpose. You need a minimum of 4 people to schedule a wheel party. We can accommodate up to 10 persons per session and 20 for a combo project like the animal mug and ice cream bowl project. Your pottery wheel art will take 2 weeks to dry out thoroughly and be bisque fired. You return as a group or individual to paint your pieces and then have them glaze fired. It is like 2 parties in 1.

1 hour party $35 per person (minimum of 4 persons)

Association discount $29 per person

Wheel parties can usually be scheduled anytime we do not have wheel classes scheduled. See our calendar.



Clay parties are for everyone

Have a dirty hands clay party and make a project or just free style with clay. You need a minimum of 4 people to schedule a clay party. We can accommodate up to 20+ persons for a clay party. Great for events or fundraising. All clay parties include instruction, clay, glazes, and firings. Your clay art will take 2 weeks to dry thoroughly and be bisque fired. You return as a group or individuals to paint your pieces and then have them glaze fired. It is like 2 parties in 1.

1 hour party $15 per person (minimum of 4 people)

Large projects $23 per person

Clay parties can usually be scheduled at any time depending on the number of persons attending.

Please use our contact form to reach out to us.


1 Hour Standard Project

For larger projects, please reach out to us using our contact form.

Wheel: Continued Student Pottery Wheel Class

Wednesday 11 am – 12 noon

Every other Saturday 2-3pm (see calendar for Saturday Schedule)

Lets take your pottery wheel skills to the next level. This class is designed for students that have accomplished the basic skills of centering and pulling. You will learn specific techniques; shapes, lids, footings, handles, throwing larger amounts of clay… or just work on a problem area. Instruction, clay, glazes and firings are included in class. This class is limited to 6 and must be pre-registered.

Class fee $35

4 class package $120



News: Summer Promotion

The Dragon’s hot wheels summer special:

3 Wheel classes for the price for 2, plus free practice for $78. On sale now until June 30th. Sales are limited to 3 per person. Any practice pieces kept are subject to the $2 per inch charge. Hot wheels expires August 31st. No refunds for classes not used by expiration, August 31st.

To schedule a class, please use our contact form.

Little girl modelling clay toy
Little girl modelling clay toy