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Hello fellow clay lovers!!

I am sharing this with you in the hopes that someone out there likes music and has an interest in being a part of my adventure!  It is a bit long but heartfelt <3

Life has led me along some crazy paths at times.  In the past few years I have had some wonderful times and some sad times and have been fortunate to be in a place that I am able to  pursue some personal art and music adventures that have been compelling me for some time, some things that I  have wanted to do that I was afraid of, or felt insecure about.  There are many experiences along the way that have propelled me, and several mentors and coaches who have been invaluable and inspirational.  I have discovered that sort of support, along with communities of like-minded spirits have helped to build my personal arsenal of creative tools and secret weapons to achieve what seemed insurmountable and way too scary.

One aspect of my path was learning to write songs and feel comfortable sharing them.

Thanks to Pat Pattison at Berklee Online,  Graham English, my tribe at my pottery shop and my bandmates at the Shards, and more recently joining FAWM.org (amazing support group), I have overcome that fear for the most part.

Another paradigm shift that was influenced by several creative coaches-

Tiamo De Vettori, Bob Baker, Bree Noble, Steve Palfreyman and more.

This awareness in me continues to be hungry for more input, it is the knowledge of the importance of each individual’s creative and spiritual contribution to this world.  All of these people who I  respect and consider mentors have their priorities and their hearts in the Right Place, coming from a place of love and positivity. How one chooses to share one’s creativity is personal and sometimes very private.  It does take courage to put yourself and your personal inner creative compulsions out there for others, but it is an amazing incredible reward when it reaches someone and does some good, even in any little way.  If one is very private, then maybe writing books, or poetry or music for others to perform, or creating visual art is more for you.  I love making music related pottery art but I have a very social part of me that craves the interaction and excitement of performing live.    I have had the incredible good fortune of being on a path in life that I chose, I love my work and having achieved something way beyond what I could ever have hoped with my pottery studio, I continue to delight in and learn about clay since I began in 1979.  Marrying my two passions is a current joy, they have been courting for long enough!!

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