Pottery Wheel Class Information

Our ongoing pottery wheel classes start you at the very beginning, giving you the basics you need to establish a good solid start in learning how to create on the pottery wheel. We start with a focus on learning to center the clay and create a cylinder and add skills and techniques at each student;s individual pace. Continuing students can access the vast pool of knowledge and experience available in our studio from the teachers and members who generously share their passion. Each beginning class starts with a one hour session on the wheel, one-on-one instruction from an experienced teacher who will guide you through the process to create one or two items. Those pieces are dried, fired to bisque, and ready for students to glaze in a second session, 3 weeks after your class. Students return to glaze after three weeks, no appointment necessary and receive instruction in glazing their pottery. Items are then fired a second time and ready to pick up within two weeks. All materials, firings and instruction included from start to finish. Single class- $42 per person Six pack $210.00 To check for availability- https://occ.sn/nrmynkfb