Bringing water to Desert Dragon

In 2009 I wrote a little jingle about our little pottery studio and in that jingle there is a line that says "where wheels turn and kilns burn and the wells are running dry”. That is how long I have been having issues with this well for water.  It stopped giving us water in August 2023 and we  had it trucked in weekly. Every drop of water had to be counted and cherished.  I finally decided to bite the bullet and had the well dug deeper.  We hired a wonderful company who handled it magnificently, you can see their name and phone number in the video.
They went from the 420’ it was, down to 460' where they struck more water, we added another 100' from there and landed at a solid 560' which should last awhile.
It was a pricey endeavour. Priced by the foot. We are loving having water, but we need to finish paying for it! This page has been created to accept donations to help us recoup some of the expense.. Should you feel compelled to donate toward this well recovery, it would be greatly appreciated. 
Thank you from all of us here at the Dragon.

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